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Sing, drink, talk, and play.
A huge anime song bar where you can make more subculture friends!


-We were aiming for that feeling of meeting friends at an off-line meeting-

It has been almost 10 years since I was born in Kitatenjin.

​With everyone's support, we have grown into an anime song bar that is said to be one of the largest in Japan. Many figures, models, and games are on display.

I want a friend who can sing anime songs with me, I want a friend who likes subculture, I want to talk about this season's anime/my favorite anime, I can't play games or make models at home. I'll take it all together! All the staff and cast love anime and games!

We have a permanent large stage that can host live performances, e-sports tournaments, and DJ events that have been requested a lot, and we are also waiting for event plans that will make your dreams come true during the day!

In addition to two karaoke machines, we also have darts, board games, and other games.

In addition, you can make models for free.We aim to be a store where subculture lovers can have fun, with a painting booth, large 3D printer, Mac & liquid tab, cutting plotter, laser engraving machine, and badge equipment always available!

​We look forward to meeting you!

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Anime song space for up to 50 people!

In-store image

Anime song hall that can accommodate up to 50 people. All seats are equipped with power and super high-speed 1G wifi is free. You can also play games and darts while waiting for karaoke.

Tens of thousands of figures and models on display


Figures, display models, and models are displayed throughout the store. We don't just display items, we display them by genre in showcases so you can see them neatly at any time.

Tens of thousands of figures and models on display

DJ event scene

We offer DJ events and live event equipment at reasonable prices during lunchtime on weekends and holidays. The price includes all stage and sound equipment usage fees.

VIP ROOM available for free from 5 people


The semi-private VIP room, which can accommodate up to 10 people, has a separate karaoke machine, an 85-inch monitor, and various game consoles. It's free to use and caters to all your needs, including subculture parties and girls' get-togethers.

E-sports tournaments can also be held at any time!


By partnering with affiliated stores, you can leave the e-sports tournament to us. We have a stage set, 10 monitors for the qualifying rounds, and various other equipment, but please contact us regarding game software (basically, you will have to bring your own).

​ Model making & painting booth fully equipped


The model making room is also equipped with a painting booth. There is also a permanent photo booth. You only have to pay for the paint you use, but all tools are rented for free. You can keep the plastic models in progress, so you can build them little by little with a beer in hand on your way home from work.


Cooking information

A meal that is often requested by crossover customers.

On weekdays, many customers come just to eat, and we have a wide variety of menu items.
We also have a wide variety of daily specials, as well as event menus such as the ``Sake Kuzu Afternoon Tea Set.''
The regular menu is also carefully selected from menus that have been very well received.

Rather than prioritizing planning and fun, which is typical of anime song bars, we always carefully select and change the menu with an emphasis on taste.
You may have to wait for your order on weekends, but please give it a try!