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This is Twinkle Stage, an idol stage cafe that is open during lunch on crossover weekends.

​This page contains information regarding the renewal business from November. note that.

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Twinkle stage scenery

Event stage several times a day!

On stage, we hold stage events several times a day depending on the number of cast members! Of course, stage photography is also possible, and we also do instax photography in stage costumes.

twinkle cast

Instax sales and original goods too!

Cast instax and acrylic stands are also on sale!

​There are also limited sales for each season.

Twinkle event

Events and guest stages too!

We also hold various events such as stage events where guests are invited, birthdays and seasonal events!

Twinkle omelet rice

Of course, the omelet rice is also homemade!

All meals served in the restaurant are homemade.

Serve hot food while it's still warm.

Of course, you can also request omelet rice doodles!

Twinkle price list

MAP and reservation



Opening Hours

Kitatenjin Building B1, 3-1-12 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City

[1 minute walk from Tenjin Underground Mall West Exit 1]

TEL 092-406-6336

Open only on Saturdays and Sundays

16:00pm – 20:00am


For reservations, please use the following SNS or HOTPEPPER.

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Twinkle store floor plan
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