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An evolution of the Frontier Group, which has produced many professional gamers.

For all fighting games, we have 10 sets available at all times, with individual monitors for each person so that you can concentrate on yourself, and for party games, we have 40-inch and 50-inch monitors.

​A large event is also being held on the weekend!

We also produce various events.

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gaming monitor

10 sets of individual monitors permanently installed

10 144/3ms gaming monitors installed.

​We also have gaming chairs and headsets available, providing facilities that allow you time to concentrate on the game.

bar counter

A bar counter is also installed

Take a break between games for drinks and food.
All drinks in the store are unlimited, including energy drinks, soft drinks, and alcohol!

event production

We can also produce tournaments!

We also rent out equipment such as monitors for crossover eSports tournaments and various external events.

​Please contact us for details.

8bit store 2

We also rent it out for events!

We rent out space regardless of business hours.

It is also possible to remove all monitors etc.

In addition to TV game parties, it is also used for card game parties, TRPG parties, etc. Please contact us for more information.

8bit price list

MAP and reservation


Morooka Building 3F, 3-2-27 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City

[1 minute walk from Tenjin Underground Mall West Exit 1]


Opening Hours


18:00pm – 22:30am

Fridays and days before holidays

18:00pm – 5:00am


18:00pm – 5:00am


18:00pm – 22:30am


For reservations, please use the following SNS or call us.

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